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Everybody knows that the removal services have a cost. But if you choose a company with experience and good professionals, the house changes will continue to be made. removal companies are many and everywhere. This service can be undertaken by a team of professionals who provide a quality service, compatible prices.

Removal companies

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TSA Removals

The procedures are the same ones mentioned above. They can be made by land, for the countries of the European Union. We provide services in Lisbon, Algarve, Cascais, Porto, etc) Regular services to all European countries. Full or part loads. Free estimates.
The move of your company or residence begins with the contact and description of the goods to be carried. When necessary, a visit by a qualified member of our staff will be arranged to check the inventory, of belongings to carry and the packing requirements.
A detailed, estimation of cost for the requested service will then be presented to the client.

Our services and items carried are fully insured. This comprehensive insurance is given so that our clients
may be sure that their possessions are adequately covered whilst in the possession of our company.

STORAGE / GUARDING FURNITURE – Our warehouse is maintained to a high standard and items are
stored carefully and with the needs of our clients always in mind.

On the moving day our team initiates their work with the preparation and packing of all goods, such as furniture, ware, books, decorative objects, pictures, works of art, pianos, safes, appliances, clothes and
others, in every case using the correct packing material to provide adequate protection for each item.
Our company is equipped with 5 different types of vehicle, small, medium and large with an elevator platform for loading of heavy items. (+)

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